Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reading For The Next Two Months And Beyond!

I'm currently reading The Reservoir, and enjoying it.  You know from the start who the killer is, and follow along the winding road towards the final outcome.  I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of this week!

Anyway, I'm either picking terrible books, or this blog has gone the way most book clubs go--great enthusiasm at the beginning, then a gradual decline in participants to where only a very few still read the books each month! I guess I thought if no one actually had to drive anywhere to meet, it would be more successful.  Take the pressure off people to make time for a specific time and date and place to be.  Sadly, I was wrong.  
  I am the sort of reader who will make time to read a book--especially if I feel that it's something I've committed to--I guess that's still a holdover from college days.  After all, I did read Wolf Hall last year, and it just about killed me.  Uggh.  For a book club.  And guess what?  No one else finished it.  But I'm glad I did--enough to know I can speak about it to other people who may be interested in it, and have some time to kill--it's a doozy.  

So with this in mind, I am shaking off my disappointment, and starting in November I will be posting a book or two a month that I'm reading, and adding some questions/author information/background on the book, along with my view of the book.  It's still a book club--if anyone else wants to read along with me, please join in and comment on my posts.  I won't end this blog, since I do enjoy it.  I may be reading some fun stuff, some teen stuff; who knows?  

I hope you'll join me.  

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L Harris said...

Sorry for your disappointment. I am reading as I can. I could not get my hands on The Reservoir.

I am always reading and have made an effort to read and the selections. I don't always comment and I guess that makes me part of the problem.

Please list what you are reading, as you have planned, and just maybe I will find a new author to love.