Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are You Packing Your Bags? The Lost Girls Review

Well, I just finished The Lost Girls.  I must say this is one of those books where the cover art had me thinking I was going to read something very different than what was between the covers.

Did I like this book?  I have mixed feelings.  I think if I had been younger, and more restless, it would have had a big impact on me.  But being in my 40's, working at a job I enjoy, and being pretty settled in my life, I kept thinking to myself "No way would I do this!"  I admire these women for leaving everything behind and traveling the world for a year.  That takes a lot of guts.  Especially staying at hostels!  I am a hotel and indoor plumbing kind of gal.  I know many people would say that is part of the experience, but I don't think I would be any less awed by the fabulous sites, hikes, and people I would meet because I slept in some comfort.

I think I started this book expecting a fun, frothy tale of three women who have some great adventures and lots of laughs along the way.  The fact that they literally went around the world, stayed in places for weeks, and volunteered in Africa was a surprise to me as I read along.  I did get a bit tired of the wondering what do to with their lives when they got home.  I understand leaving home and getting down to the nitty gritty will certainly give you plenty of time for reflection on your life and where you want to end up, but it got old.  I think what I've learned that maybe they didn't know at the time is that all that angst just makes you tired--and you end up where you're supposed to be anyway.  

I am glad, however, that Jen, Holly, and Amanda went home and changed their lives to reflect what they discovered about themselves while on the road.  If that trip helped them to focus on what they truly wanted out of life, then bravo to them.  I guess I am past that stage in life, and just want a vacation full of fun, some exercise, and great food to share with Bud.  I don't think it would change my life--unless I won the lottery and could buy a vacation home in Hawaii!

What did you think of The Lost Girls?  

Where is your next trip?  

Did this book make you want to travel more?

Has a vacation or trip ever changed how you want to live your life?  How?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Working Vacation or Relaxing Vacation?

I'm about halfway through Lost Girls.  They are now in India, and Holly is preparing for her month long yoga program.  I will keep my feelings about this book for another post, but in reading about the girls traveling to Africa and volunteering, it got me thinking:  is this something I would do on vacation?

When you go away on a vacation, do you like to relax, eat a lot, and laze about? Or do you like to see and do as much as possible?  I've experienced the see and do on one particular vacation I took to Colorado a few years ago.  The first day we arrived, Bud and I drove to a white water rafting adventure that I'd signed us up for before we left Iowa.  We were in Colorado for a weekend wedding, and we were determined to use every moment not at a wedding function on traveling around and seeing the sights.  While most of the wedding guests played golf, sat at the pool, and drank too much, Bud and I were driving up into the Rockies, hiking on a trail to old pioneer homesteads, and taking a ride up a ski lift to see the sights.  We were exhausted, but packed in as much as we could.

This, of course, is nothing like volunteering in Africa for a month. They are not nearly the same thing.  But some people go on vacation and do nothing at all.  I prefer to do something--especially if it's a place that I may not get to again for a long time.  I guess I am a history/hiking/museum kind of gal, with lunches and dinners thrown in at great restaurants.  I could not, however, live out of a backpack for months at a time.

How about you?  Are you a vacation doer, or a relaxer?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are You a Lost Girl?

Hope everyone is enjoying this month's selection.  I must admit I haven't started it yet; I'm going to buy it today and start it very soon.  Just looking at the cover makes me itch to travel.  Luckily for me, I am having my own little "lost girl" vacation in November, when I travel to Savannah, GA with two of my sisters for a long weekend.  We have already booked a fun ghost tour (if I have my way, we'll do a few more!), and my sisters are already making requests to eat at certain places.  All I have to do is run a half-marathon on that Saturday morning, and enjoy the rest of our time.  I just cannot wait to run through Savannah and see all of the beautiful homes and historic places.

So do you have a trip planned?  If not, maybe reading this book will prod you into planning a getaway.  Here's the website for The Lost Girls--check it out!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Read: One to Relax and Sip a Mojito While Reading!

Okay, after last month's difficult pick, this month we are saying "toodles" to  summer vacations with a splash.  It's August 1st, so start your reading engines for The Lost Girls by Jennifer Baggett.  In a nutshell, it's an adventure about three friends who decide to travel around the world.  I'd say since I won't be packing my bags anytime soon, this is a perfect end of summer book to enjoy--armchair traveling at it's best.

This book is available as a paperback and an Ebook.  Join the fun--where would you want to travel with your friends if you could?