Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three More Choices

Here's another batch of titles to look at.  Yesterday's batch responses show Amaryllis in Blueberry in the lead.  If anyone has suggestions, please let me know!  And you don't have to pick just one from each batch, I'm just grouping them in 3 sets of 3 to make it a bit easier for everyone to look at them and decide.  I'll post another 3 tomorrow--

Read About This Book Here

Read About This Book Here

I'm happy to read any one of these titles, but I have had The Lost Girls on my list for a loooong time.  
Looking forward to seeing your comments--


L Harris said...

I'd be interested in either of the last two - The Lost Girls and Season of Second Chances.

Jewels said...

I agree with L Harris on the last two. The Lost Girls is my #1 pick from this group.

ms. caboo said...

Yes, I want to read Lost Girls, too! Looks like a good summer read.