Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Finished It!

I  finished The Great House by Nicole Krauss.  It was difficult to get through, which leads me to question whether I have been reading too many books that have no depth to them.  I read for enjoyment, and while I can't say I enjoyed this book, I do appreciate the writing, the story, and the ability of the author to leave the reader with that lingering feeling of having read something profound, even if I don't understand everything I read.

This book is about secrets, regrets, being haunted by your past, and of course, the ever continuing ripples that the Holocaust has caused through history.  As we get farther and farther past WW 2, I think books like this are important  to keep reminding those of us who did not experience this time in the world that it did happen, and it is not something that people can forget.  It continues to shape and haunt those who lived through it and the guilt they feel for doing so.  That guilt colors generations; something as seemingly unimportant as a desk can symbolize a lot of pain, regret, and lost love.  Time really is a great house, full of rooms and hallways that seem to go on  forever.

I hope a few of you have managed to finish this book.  I am happily diving into a light summer read, but this will linger in the back of my mind for some time to come.


once in a blue moon said...

i am sorry i am not able to read along with you, having 2 homes now has really altered my reading patterns to particpate... with that said, i am just starting the paris wife tonight... took me all this time to get it from the library, i signed up the day you selected it :(

i have been in a reading dry spell, only read 2 books in 3 weeks, i now have 14 library books piled high that i have waited months for, i need to get in gear and start cranking out the books again, wish me luck most are due on tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I picked it up a couple more times but never got past the first 2 stories. I am apparently vapid and shallow and just can't wrap my head around the book. I did think the writing was beautiful but it just left me too lost. I will pick back up with August's book. :) It is at the library waiting for me to pick it up! :)

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Sue....I, too, have finished this book....was quite interesting and I agree with your synopsis entirely. Not a light read to say the least....but one that does leave you to ponder.

On to this months selection.