Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great House Questions For You To Ponder

I'm about 100 pages into The Great House.  I am not giving up!  This is what makes a reading group interesting--reading something that requires a bit of work and dedication.  My fellow co-worker Kirk is also reading it, and he has fallen hard for this novel.   Kirk, if you're reading this, please share your thoughts about The Great House.

Here are a few questions from Oprah.com that may help you think about the characters in the novel and the overall theme of each story:

1. The large and imposing desk in the novel is passed from life to life, moving through space and time to link the characters in the novel to each other and to the past. What does this inheritance represent for each? Is it a burden?

2. A sense of loss—of a child, a parent, a lover, a home, youth, an illusion, and so many other things—suffuses the novel. How do the characters respond to loss, destruction, and change?

3. The novel is composed of intimate and emotional monologues that have the tone of a confession. What does Nadia, or Arthur, or Aaron feel themselves to be guilty of? What role does judgment play in the novel?

4. Many of the characters are haunted by doubt or uncertainty, whether it's moral doubt, or self-doubt, or the doubt that comes with a realization of the limits of how fully known we can ever be to one another, of how often we must live unknown and unknowing. What is the nature of Nadia's doubt, as expressed in the question that afflicts her: What if I had been wrong? What kind of uncertainty did Arthur feel in his marriage? And Aaron, as a father? What about Yoav and Leah Weisz?

Keep reading!  I'll post a few more questions next week.


My Grama's Soul said...

Once again.....I have to admit I have the book but have not opened it yet. Let the SPEED READING begin! LOL


Jewels said...

I am so sorry. I want to get through it...I really do but I am struggling so much that I'm miserable about it. I can't do it. I hate walking away from books but I am not going to make myself crazy over it. I will try and pick it back up before the end of the month but I only got 2 stories in. (The desk and the father/son ones). I will be back to leave feedback on them later....and hopefully any others that I get through.