Monday, July 25, 2011

The Great House Ate My Brain

Aw nuts.  I have managed to get through about half of this book, and I must say I don't know what to think about it.

Jewels is struggling, Jo hasn't started it, and I feel doom and gloom whenever I start to read more.  Now I understand the beauty of the writing, and I understand each story is connected by not only the desk, but by the Jewish experience in this century--especially the effects of the Holocaust on those who survived it.

But it's depressing as hell, and it's difficult to get into this book when the sun is shining and it's 95 degrees outside!

So I will try to finish it this week, but I am not holding myself to this, and won't feel bad if I don't.  I am appreciative of the author's hard work, and her talent.  Perhaps if I had read this at another time, I would have enjoyed it.

I'll recap at the end of the week.  Next week, we start a non-fiction book that I think we will love!

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My Grama's Soul said...

Hi there....I, too, am about half through.....and although the story lines are a little gloomy....the writing is exquisite....don't you think? Often, when I struggle with plot lines I will focus on other aspects of a book....i.e., character development, writing style, etc. It does appear to help me get through the read.

Keep reading dear lady,