Monday, April 4, 2011

Yes, I Have More Questions!

Hi everyone!  I was thinking about how to keep the discussions going for the books we read each month, and I thought of an idea--please tell me if this gets a thumbs up, or a thumbs down.

I will post some questions each week about our selection, and you can answer them as you see fit.  This way, we have an ongoing discussion during the month, and it gives you something to think about as you are reading.

I was thinking of putting this club on Goodreads.  That way, you can go on and add comments whenever you want, and more people can also join.  Goodreads is a free book site and it's pretty awesome.  Does this sound good, or do we just want to keep it on this blog?  Either way is fine with me.  It's all about what you want!

I believe our reading selections for the first three months are as follows:

The Paris Wife-May

The Red Leather Diary-June

And--for July: The Great House

These are all available as ebooks, or at your local bookstore, used bookstore, or library.  I believe they are all available as audio books, too.    Does anyone mind reading hardcovers, or do you all prefer something in paperback, to keep the cost down?  Or does it matter?  I am fine with either hardcovers or paperbacks.


once in a blue moon said...

i think its nice to keep it here on your blog, a known format, for those old dogs that don't learn new tricks well :)

i don't think what we read matters, its all about the content, not the format~

i hope i can particapate, i have found my reading time has plummeted with recent changes, i hope things simmer down when the fog rolls in.

Average Girl said...

Whatever you want to do Sue, I am happy to follow!

L Harris said...

Asking questions throughout the month sounds good.

I am on GoodReads and would support a move there, but this is good too.

I have the first two books on their way! I'll look into getting the third for July! I prefer a book, in my hand. I don't care if it's paperback or hardcover. I do try to find it as cheaply as I can. I don't like getting them from the library because sometimes I need to return them before I am ready. However, I may donate the books to my library when I'm done. :)

Jewels said...

I like the idea of asking questions as the month goes on to keep the conversation flowing and new perspectives coming in.

I am not on GoodReads but if that is a move that everyone supports I have no problem with it.

I use my Nook for most of my reading now so hardcover isn't an issue for me. I will get them from the library is they are still too expensive as an ebook for me. I'm easy to please. :-)

My Grama's Soul said...

It sounds great so far....Ms. Caboo. However, I would prefer paper backs if possible...I'm retired....and usually they are little less expensive.


L Harris said...

I got The Paris Wife in the mail this week. Looking forward to May.