Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Paris Wife: Some Photos

I don't know much about Ernest Hemingway, except for reading a few of his books and that he committed suicide.  I'm looking forward to reading The Paris Wife--even if it is fiction.  Mostly because I can't wait to read about Paris in the 1920's!

1920's Paris

Here's a picture of Ernest, Hadley, and their son in 1925:

I also recently discovered that A Moveable Feast is about their time in Paris.  So now I may have to read it while I read The Paris Wife.  Anyone on board with me for that?  I will be posting a few reading group questions each week in May. You can certainly comment on them as you will, or wait until the end of May to discuss questions.  Either way, I am happy to oblige!  If you are interested in learning more about Hadley's life, I suggest checking out Wikipedia for a brief biography of her.  I'm going to start reading May 1st!


Jewels said...

I'm going to cheat a little and start now because my month of May is incredibly busy and I don't want to not finish the book. Thanks for the pictures and the links to Hadley. :) I'm very excited about this book.

L Harris said...

If I don't start before the first, I will start then. I have a lot of books on the go and a busy May as well. But I ordered an audio version of A Movable Feast from our local library.

once in a blue moon said...

i qued in at my library, i am #33, wish me luck getting it on time!

L Harris said...

I tried Moveable Feast. I did not enjoy it. However, I am really enjoying The Paris Wife.